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Theresia Innerhofer - "Kuhnterbunt" - Acrylbilder und Collagen
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Die Einführung der NOST (Neue Oberstufe) wurde durch Schulleiterentscheid nach Anhörung und einstimmiger Empfehlung des SGA aufgrund der Optionsmöglichkeit des BMB (Bundesministerium für Bildung) verschoben.


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Vernissage am 3.5.2018

informations en français Info in English
informations en français Info in English

Druckansicht öffnenNew Exchange Opportunity

Peter Allen, Assistant Principal of Henley College
Der Direktor-Stellvertreter des Henley College, England, Mr. Peter Allen, stellte den 5. Klassen seine Schule vor.

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Druckansicht öffnenInfo in English

BG/BRG Zell am See – an advanced secondary school providing general education (AHS) situated in the heart of the Pinzgau (Salzburg, Austria)

It is the main task of a grammar school to introduce adolescents to the acquisition of knowledge and the development of competence and key-qualifications as well as to teach values. Preparedness for lifelong learning, independent acquisition of knowledge and thinking, and the ability to critically reflect are particularly encouraged. Pupils in their adolescence are supported with regard to a social-oriented and positive arrangement of their lives. Over a period of 4 years the upper forms offer a road to comprehensive general knowledge and the A-levels as a springboard to all kinds of studies and further educational training (universities, professional schools, academies, colleges,.....)

Zell am See grammar school offers two types of schools:

At our “Gymnasium” (BG) expressiveness, readiness to communicate, and the creative practice of language are particularly encouraged, and the common heritage of European cultural values is taught.
The goal is to learn 3 foreign languages (English, French, Latin) and to teach humanistic cultural values with regard to the challenges of a common European future.
At our “Realgymnasium” (BRG), a comprehensive education emphasizing science subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, as well as descriptive geometry beginning in the 7th form) is taught.
The goal is to gain knowledge and experiences which are necessary for many technical studies as well as to deepen mathematical, geometrical, and scientific knowledge.
At our “Realgymnasium”, from the 3rd form onwards, are additionally offered  mathematics (deepened), geometrical drawing (combined with informatics), and creative subjects, which provide a range of opportunities for pupils to develop their practical abilities. At our “Gymnasium” French is offered instead.
The upper forms of our “Realgymnasium” basically offer deepened scientific tuition (mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, as well as descriptive geometry beginning in the 7th form), our “Gymnasium” concentrates on in depth language tuition and Latin.
                          Why education is so important............

The A-levels at our grammar schools offer a wide range of opportunities to realise one’s interests in the profession of one’s choice.

They enable you

  • to study any subject at universities and colleges without having to pass additional exams
  • to study abroad
  • to be trained at professional schools and academies
  • to attend colleges – profession-orientated, short-term training (one-two- or three years), e. g. for tourism (language qualification), occupations in social work, jobs in the health service (physiotherapy, radiological service.....), commercial professions, and pedagogical fields of work)
  • to directly enter a job

Zell am See grammar school is one of the most innovative Austrian schools cooperating with numerous other educational institutions and offering additional courses and activities.

We are:

  • zellBIT: Educational Centre for Information Technologies – in cooperation with Zell am See commercial college and school (HAK/HASCH) we are a centre of competence embracing these two types of schools.
  • Microsoft Academy: MS-training centre
  • e-learning Cluster School (a merger of the 45 most innovative Austrian schools on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture)
  • Autonomous Branch-Office of the Pedagogical Institute Salzburg
  • member of the Network of Health Promoting Schools with numerous events and activities

We cooperate with:

  • e-LISA (Austrian School Textbook Publishing Company)
  • the Salzburg Soccer Federation – Training Centre South
  • School in the Rauris Mountains – (Roswitha Huber)
  • Training Centre Pinzgau (advanced training for elementary and upper elementary school teachers)

We organize:

  • exhibitions with vernissage by renowned artists on the school premises at regular intervals
  • health days
  • innumerable workshops, project-weeks, intensive language courses (Stafford School of English), trips abroad, sportsweeks, ski-classes, lectures, seminars, excursions (e. g. to Temelin, Mauthausen, the National Park,....), and field trips to places of educational interest

We run classes in an experimental stage:

  • a second foreign language (French) beginning in the 3rd form
  • ethics
  • sport and kinetics
  • module natural science
  • module creativity

We offer additional courses to deepen our students’ knowledge:

  • internationally recognized IT –and language certificates (ECDL, DELF)
  • courses in spelling for 1st form students
  • word-processing
  • creativity
  • sport and health
  • physics Olympics

And much more!

You can find more information under the category: School from A to Z

Übersetzung: Prof. Mag. Peter Mühlbacher

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